Our intrepid staff of muckrakers.

“No Man is an Island”

John Donne once said “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” And, it is with this phrase in mind that I must acknowledge each and every one of my muckrakers at The Union Stylus.
For me, pencil and pad come easily, but solving the mystery, finding the clues, coming up with the ideas… AH! This is where I do not stand alone. I stand as part of the “continent” that is The Union Stylus. I stand as part of a team of people who have worked tirelessly, endlessly and sometimes thanklessly, to bring you the best The Union Stylus has to offer.

Though you may remember the name Edmund Obediah Cuthbert, having seen it in print so often, there are others on my staff that are just as talented – perhaps even more so! And to Cornelius Montague, Bartholomew Dillingham and Constance Upchurch, I say “Thank you! Because without you, The Union Stylus would not be the publication or production that it has become.”

And who knows?! One day, one of my intrepid staffers may rise through the ranks, as I did, by beating me at my own game. For that is how I found my success, by writing an article exposing the former Editor-In-Chief of pilfering of the company funds.
Cheers, Muckrakers! I honor you.


Edmund Obediah Cuthbert


The Union Stylus

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