Message from Beyond The Grave?


Some of you might not know that my old friend, Master Poe, was a fan of cryptograms and Masonic ciphers. When he was not “on the lash,” pining after his many lady-loves, or writing disturbing stories of evil and heinous crimes, he could be found amusing himself by composing secret messages in code and leaving them about town.

Poe was not without talent, though I often found his work a tad maudlin and overly sentimental in nature; however, his cryptograms displayed another side to the man’s genius.

For those of you who are unacquainted with the concept of a cryptogram, please follow the “bread crumb” below, as it provides a fairly succinct description of the concept. (Although it is not the exact format of Poe’s preferred cryptograms, it is, in fact, close enough for your generalized purposes.)


And, if after reading about Masonic ciphers, you feel up to the challenge, see if you are able to solve the following cryptographic message (below). Incidentally, I would have included one of the cryptograms that was recently found about town (that some believe to be messages from beyond Poe’s grave) but to see and solve those, you will have to come to the offices of The Union Stylus, in person.

Keep reading The Union Stylus, as I will provide the answer to this cipher, along with other clues in the coming weeks.


Edmund Obediah Cuthbert
The Union Stylus

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