Invitation to “A Dream Within A Dream”


July 10th -26th


629 New York Ave NW Washington, DC 20001, next to Fort Fringe and Marrakesh, on New York Ave between 6th and 7th, metro accessible


My Dear Readers,
Yesterday, I submitted my appraisal of Poe’s “The Purloined Letter” and pondered about the ever-changing nature of his work: from woe-be-gone lover, to sinister advocate for a contemptuous murderer, to a logical and rational detective.

As my fans know, I have often mused over my dear friend, Master Poe’s work; however, yesterday I put pencil to pad to consider the mystery surrounding the man himself. Readers, if Edgar Allan Poe and his work were mysterious in life, it stands to reason that the circumstances surrounding his death would be even more mysterious and… dramatic.

Which leads me to my next announcement. Yesterday, I cautioned you to have patience and suggested that I might have more information regarding Poe. Here it is.

YOU! Dear Readers, are invited to help solve the mystery surrounding Master Poe’s death. We would cordially like to invite you to “A Dream Within A Dream”, part of The Capital Fringe Festival. It is a 45 minute show where you will be immersed into the wonder and mystery of Edgar Allan Poe’s works.

Below is the information regarding dates and location. We sincerely hope you are able attend and help us put the mystery (and Poe’s soul?) to rest.

Thursday, July 10th: 9pm
Friday, July 11th: 7:30pm, 8:45pm, 10:00pm
Sunday, July 13th: 1pm, 2:15pm, 3:30pm
Wednesday, July 16th: 8pm, 9:15pm
Saturday, July 19th: 7:30pm, 8:45pm, 10pm
Sunday, July 20th: 5pm, 6:15pm, 7:30pm
Saturday, July 26th: 1pm, 2:15pm, 3:30pm

Ever Yours,

Edmund Obediah Cuthbert
The Union Stylus

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