Appraisal of “The Oval Portrait”

Readers, this week I bring you my appraisal of “The Oval Portrait” – a tale in which a wounded man is swept into an abandoned and alarmingly macabre mansion by his valet, only to become transfixed by the artwork. As our hero observes and reads about the portraits, he is startled by the appearance of a surreal and “life-like” oval …

The Oval Portrait

“The Oval Portrait:”


Appraisal of “Annabel Lee”

I do not consider myself a romantic man by nature, and perhaps, that is the reason why Edgar A. Poe’s latest poem, Annabel Lee, is a mystery to me. The poem describes a young couple deeply in love with each other, a love that is so great that even the angels in Heaven covet it. As a God-fearing man, I …

Annabel Lee

“Annabel Lee”


Appraisal of “A Dream Within A Dream”

A journalist may fancy himself an artist. We use words to create ideas, to help others visualize our deepest thoughts and beliefs. However, as I read Mr. Poe’s “A Dream Within a Dream,” I am left to wonder if these are the musings of a man gone mad with grief, a tormented genius, or if he is in fact, something …


“A Dream Within A Dream”


Appraisal of “The Masque of the Red Death”

“No pestilence had ever been so fatal, or so hideous.” So begins a short-tale from Edgar A. Poe. The tale speaks of a plague which leaves “scarlet stains upon the body and especially on the face of the victim.” While the tale’s unsavory protagonist, Prince Prospero, resolves to fortify himself and his chosen court within the confines of an opulent …

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The Masque of the Red Death