Be on the watch for things to come!

A Sign from Beyond?


As you know, though I am a man of faith, I am also a man of logic. So, it is with no small amount of trepidation that I write the following:

Since the passing of my dear friend, Edgar Allan Poe, I have not been able to dismiss the feeling that he had more to say, that his work was not quite complete. Though I feel an incredible responsibility to continue my own equally relevant work, my thoughts have strayed to dark places, people separated by time and the hope that those we care for are soon reunited.

I do not profess to be a “see-er” of things from beyond the grave; however, I have a strange feeling that something not quite of this world is about to make itself known to us. Perhaps, it is a sign from Heaven of things to come? Or perhaps, something more… dramatic.

At this moment, all I can tell you, Dear Readers, is to be on the watch for something extraordinary from our deceased friend, Master Poe.


Edmund Obediah Cuthbert
The Union Stylus


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