The Final Chapter

Dear Readers, I mentioned when we last met to expect a communiqué from The Union Stylus regrding the final resting place of Master Poe. It is our sincere belief that what we witnessed (and have documented for you here) represents the final chapter, and will bring closure to, the mystery surrounding the death (and subsequent sightings of) Edgar Allan Poe …

Be on the watch for things to come!

A Sign from Beyond?

Readers! As you know, though I am a man of faith, I am also a man of logic. So, it is with no small amount of trepidation that I write the following: Since the passing of my dear friend, Edgar Allan Poe, I have not been able to dismiss the feeling that he had more to say, that his work …

Our intrepid staff of muckrakers.

“No Man is an Island”

John Donne once said “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.” And, it is with this phrase in mind that I must acknowledge each and every one of my muckrakers at The Union Stylus. For me, pencil and pad come easily, but solving the mystery, finding …


Message from Beyond The Grave?

Readers! Some of you might not know that my old friend, Master Poe, was a fan of cryptograms and Masonic ciphers. When he was not “on the lash,” pining after his many lady-loves, or writing disturbing stories of evil and heinous crimes, he could be found amusing himself by composing secret messages in code and leaving them about town. Poe …


Invitation to “A Dream Within A Dream” Dates: July 10th -26th Location: 629 New York Ave NW Washington, DC 20001, next to Fort Fringe and Marrakesh, on New York Ave between 6th and 7th, metro accessible   My Dear Readers, Yesterday, I submitted my appraisal of Poe’s “The Purloined Letter” and pondered about the ever-changing nature of his work: from woe-be-gone lover, to sinister advocate for …

July 10th -26th

629 New York Ave NW Washington, DC 20001

COME ONE! COME ALL! To “A Dream Within A Dream”

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Appraisal of “The Purloined Letter”

Was Edgar Allan Poe really one man? Or, were a series of authors writing on his behalf? These are the questions I am left asking after reading, “The Purloined Letter.” As many of my faithful readers (and fans) can attest, I have written many appraisals regarding Poe’s works. At first, they were the writings of a lovelorn, woe-be-gone maudlin, crying …

The Purloined Letter

“The Purloined Letter”


Appraisal of “The Tell Tale Heart”

Readers! Even during life’s darkest moments, when the death of a dear friend, such as Edgar Allan Poe, has shaken me nearly to the core and caused a dark cloud to descend upon me, I must see through the haze before me and realize that there is important work to be done. The work to which I refer is my …

"The Tell Tale Heart"

“The Tell Tale Heart”